Open Up Your Mind to Take You Where You Want to Go

One single thought can change the way you feel.

One single negative thought can impact your entire day, but only if you let it.

One internal fear can stop you from being, doing, creating, something amazing.

All too often, one negative thought leads to another and another and so on. Negative energy builds on negative energy. Positive energy builds on positive energy.

One choice, your choice, your perspective, your inner strength can change everything…

Mind is apowerful thingThe more you think of something, the more it takes hold of you, consumes you. The key is to not let  negative thoughts, evil and frustartion invade and take over that space. It is normal for these thoughts to seep in, actually it happens quite often, but we must push them out. Don’t give them a chance to settle into your mind or heart.

A powerful way to re-focus is to take a few deep breaths, start with five. That’s it. the next time you are feeling stressed from a co – worker or traffic is not working in your favor or maybe you received some really awful news, pause, breathe deep (in through the nose, out of the mouth) and then move forward to deal with the situation. Before you know it, this response will become second nature and you will find yourself dealing with stressful situations with a more level heart. Does deep breathing instantly fix the problem, no, but it does put you in a better place.

What if you feel consumed by negative thoughts? Make a positivity (I may have just made that word up!) notebook. Sounds silly, but starting off each morning by writing down a positive thing in your life sets the pace for the day. Some days may be deep thoughts about a special someone, child, friend, a specific circumstance, etc., and other days may be lighter  — like you are so thankful for a new shampoo you found because you love the smell. Both are positive and that’s the point. Oh and for that negative thought, write it down or say it aloud, acknowledge that ONE negative thought and DO NOT ALLOW one after that one. You must be strong and push those aside by replacing them with positive thoughts. That is step ONE in clearing your mind.

We have been programmed from birth to present with our own, unique way of thinking.  While it may take some time to re-program the mind, once you begin to understand the power of the mind and the extreme power your thoughts have over you, start really paying attention and taking note of the direction of your life when you limit negativity and fill the space with positive thoughts.

Much love to you!



Update: I recently had a visit with a friend and we happened to be talking about the power of thought. She shared with me what her Dad told her once – we cannot always control the thoughts that sometimes enter our mind, but when the negative ones enter, we can choose to change the channel. Similar to the television, don’t like it, change the channel. The more you do it, the more this effort will become normal! My question for you is what channel are you tuned into today?!



We have the capability to do anything,

XOXO, Renee

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