Inhale Confidence ~ Exhale Self Doubt

I’m laughing at this exact moment because I just had to do THIS:



Laughing because as I am multi – tasking, answering emails, texts, teammates, customers, social media and thinking about this exact topic that I was getting to ready to write on, I believe I was holding my breathe….without even realizing! Then, I exhaled – a BIG one and it felt so freaking good!


From time to time fall into that downward spiral of self doubt,  negative head talk, even the comparison game. Especially whenever we are about to do something, new — for the first time.

Here’s the thinG though…

It is just fear.

That’s it. And you know what, it is the PERFECT indicator that you are on the RIGHT track. The fear IS the indicator that you NEED to push through and follow your gut & heart. Get out of the overthinking, junk food thoughts and get back in control of your thoughts.

You got this.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
You are damn awesome.
You are beautiful.
What you are doing IS valuable and makes a difference.
So, keep doing YOU.

If you are reading post and feeling like this message, today is talking directly to YOU, there is a reason you are here. It is to encourage you, this is your sign.

If you are feeling stuck, here’s a few things that usually help me:

  • Get up, walk away from whatever it is you are doing and literally walk. Get a breath of fresh air. Take several breaths. Getting that oxygen flowing is not only great to clear the mind & increase creativity, but it gets the blood flow moving!
  • Speaking of moving, try 10 jumping jacks, regular jumps or putting on a song that you LOVE and dance!! Moooove that gorgeous body!
  • If it is run down you are feeling and able to – take a 20 minute catnap. It does wonders and napping isn’t just for kids, anymore. 😉


  • Write out twenty grateful statements: “I am so grateful that…..” Check in with your mood after and note the shift. Don’t stress about this one, it can be everything from, “I am so grateful for the cold, clean water I am drinking” to “I am so grateful for the income I received, today” to “I am so grateful for sunshine” Big, small, everything in between. Truuust me on the twenty & how impactful this exercise can be.
  •  If you work from home like I often do, change up that working space. Environment is EVERYTHING! Check out a coffee shop, go to a park (I like ones with picnic tables as they are easy to convert into my desk and I can sprawl out! :-)), even a nice hotel lobby is a great change of pace! Then, hit up happy hour for a drink as a mini celebration for being bad ass and pushing through your fear!

Thank you for stopping by! Much love!


~ Renee


XOXO, Renee

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