Do this Work-out from ANYWHERE!! Sculpting for Tight Glutes, Hips & Thighs

Hey guys & gals here is one of my FAVORITE work – outs to take out on the road with me and you need absolutely NOTHING!! Which makes it perfect for traveling, spring break, summertime vacations, etc., Do on the beach, in the hotel, in a park, heck, parking lots are my fave! Just do it is the point.


It is best to warm up those gams with some type of cardio. I usually do a 30 – 45 minute jog depending on my morning time and then spend 30 minutes knocking this circuit out of the park. I love, love, love it because one of my target spots are my legs. They are super muscular, but if I don’t work it, I lose it! If you are really focusing on toning & shaping up your legs, glutes & thighs,  aim to do this lower body circuit  at least 3 times a week for 6 weeks and notice how goooood those summertime shorts are going to look on you!

Sculpting for Tight Glutes, Hips, & Thighs

Circuit 1:  Repeat 3 times with minimal rest between circuits

20 Basic Squats

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Walking Lunges

10 Burpees

Circuit 2:  Repeat 3 times with minimal rest between circuits

10 Lateral Lunges

20 V-Jump to Tuck Jump (the set counts as 1 rep)

20 Sumo Squat

20 High Knees (Each Side!)

Circuit 3:  Repeat 2 times with minimal rest between circuits

20 Groucho Walk Forward (a favorite from P90X!)

20 Groucho Walk Backward

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Front Kicks (each side)

** This part is not a circuit- just perform the exercises as described.

30 Abduction- on each side (15 full range of motion, then 15 at the TOP 1/2 of the range)

25 Tea Cups (aka Fire Hydrants) on EACH side

25 Donkey Kicks on EACH side

15 Superman

Have fun and if you are dreading the ever so forgotten about leg day, remember, you will feel AMAZING afterwards! I’ll be cheering you on!

Much Love & Sweat!

~ Renee



Super Tip for Saving Money on Air Travel Days!!

Quick travel tip for ya! I am flying today, not driving and thought I would share a little gem of mine for air travel with you…

Water Bottle

pack an empty water bottle in your carry on! We all know that the cost of food and drinks at the airport can be painful, heck and that is before you even arrive to your destination! Bringing the whole fam, CHA – ching! Those little purchases continuously add up. So, save a little cash and pack an empty water bottle. Many airports offer a bottle refill station right at the water fountain and if not, most places are perfectly OK to give give you a cup filled with ice and water if you ask with a smile. 😉 Save some money and stay hydrated during travel days! Both great for a better trip!

Safe travels!



Done is the NEW Perfect!!

Done is the new perfect!! How’s that for a stress reducer?!

Done is the New Perfect
Today, I want to talk about the hang up so many of us get and that is waiting until the timing is just right before we start something or take on a new adventure. Guilty, right here!  Every find yourself reading, thinking, planning, etc….and then realizing your have spent so much time preparing, you haven’t actually made the leap yet? It is  so normal to become crazily involved with the whole planning process and then stop and realize, uhhhh, I just need to get out there and DO IT! That is truly the only way to learn – jump in, try something, apply what you learn and go at it again, improving all of the time. Timing is NEVER going to be just right, there is always going to be something that pops up, this is called life. 😉 Not being cheeky here, but we set such high standards for ourselves that it ends up hurting us in the end instead of enriching our lives. Why? Because we don’t want to fail. Of course not, who enjoys the feeling of failure, but here’s the cool thing, how about we take the pressure of getting it (whatever that “it” is) 100% right the first attempt and instead, be 100% content with the fact that you got out there, you did it, boom! Done is the new perfect, be happy with that and take the pressure off! You will find that you will be happier with your accomplishment, more confident in yourself and proud that you didn’t let anyone or anything stop you from taking the first step. Think about it this way – have you ever waited in line for a roller coaster and felt the anticipation, excitement & butterflies build in your stomach? Now, think about how you immediately feel after the ride, excited, accomplished and so worth it!

Remember, it is not you who fails. Humans can’t fail, it is just the process that needs adjusted and the only way to learn how to do that is to start trying!

Make it a great day, my friends!


~ Renee

Open Up Your Mind to Take You Where You Want to Go

One single thought can change the way you feel.

One single negative thought can impact your entire day, but only if you let it.

One internal fear can stop you from being, doing, creating, something amazing.

All too often, one negative thought leads to another and another and so on. Negative energy builds on negative energy. Positive energy builds on positive energy.

One choice, your choice, your perspective, your inner strength can change everything…

Mind is apowerful thingThe more you think of something, the more it takes hold of you, consumes you. The key is to not let  negative thoughts, evil and frustartion invade and take over that space. It is normal for these thoughts to seep in, actually it happens quite often, but we must push them out. Don’t give them a chance to settle into your mind or heart.

A powerful way to re-focus is to take a few deep breaths, start with five. That’s it. the next time you are feeling stressed from a co – worker or traffic is not working in your favor or maybe you received some really awful news, pause, breathe deep (in through the nose, out of the mouth) and then move forward to deal with the situation. Before you know it, this response will become second nature and you will find yourself dealing with stressful situations with a more level heart. Does deep breathing instantly fix the problem, no, but it does put you in a better place.

What if you feel consumed by negative thoughts? Make a positivity (I may have just made that word up!) notebook. Sounds silly, but starting off each morning by writing down a positive thing in your life sets the pace for the day. Some days may be deep thoughts about a special someone, child, friend, a specific circumstance, etc., and other days may be lighter  — like you are so thankful for a new shampoo you found because you love the smell. Both are positive and that’s the point. Oh and for that negative thought, write it down or say it aloud, acknowledge that ONE negative thought and DO NOT ALLOW one after that one. You must be strong and push those aside by replacing them with positive thoughts. That is step ONE in clearing your mind.

We have been programmed from birth to present with our own, unique way of thinking.  While it may take some time to re-program the mind, once you begin to understand the power of the mind and the extreme power your thoughts have over you, start really paying attention and taking note of the direction of your life when you limit negativity and fill the space with positive thoughts.

Much love to you!



Update: I recently had a visit with a friend and we happened to be talking about the power of thought. She shared with me what her Dad told her once – we cannot always control the thoughts that sometimes enter our mind, but when the negative ones enter, we can choose to change the channel. Similar to the television, don’t like it, change the channel. The more you do it, the more this effort will become normal! My question for you is what channel are you tuned into today?!



We have the capability to do anything,

The #1 Step To a More Youthful, Bright & Radiant Appearance Is…

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the dust bunnies in the corners of our home. Nope, we actually need to do the same for our skin. The most important step in our skin care routine that leads to a more youthful, bright and radiant appearance is…are you ready for it…(cue dramatic music) exfoliation!

Spring Clean Up
Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Ewww, sounds gross, but exfoliation is oh so rewarding and does the skin feel ever so good afterwards!

So, WHY is exfoliation important?

I would like you to consider two things first. One, our skin is the largest organ of our body. Two, the skin is also one of the most delicate organs of our body. Now, think about this…we don’t walk around with a body of armor on our skin protecting it from all of the harsh elements of the environment such as: pollution, sun, wind, chemicals, diet, perfumes, etc…How you care for your skin not only greatly affects what it looks like now, but how it looks in the future as well. Wow, ponder that for a minute.

There are many excellent benefits to exfoliation, which with consistency will lead to gorgeous skin, graceful aging and a healthy, youthful complexion!

Exfoliating the tired, dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing new healthy cells to take their place. The reflection in the mirror will show improved skin tone & skin texture. This process turns our complexion from dull and dry to bright, vibrant and smooth, giving off that gorgeous glow. Hello beautiful!

blue-heart-hi Exfoliating unclogs pores keeping them clean, in turn preventing pimples while eliminating those pesky blackheads. Dead skin cells and oils can get trapped under the skin causing breakouts. Weekly exfoliation helps to keep those annoying skin blemishes far, far away.
8501-256x256x32  It’s normal, our skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down with every birthday. Regular exfoliation reduces fine lines and wrinkles while making your skin so much softer for that healthy, youthful appearance. Why? Because the buildup of dead, dull skin cells makes fine lines & wrinkles stand out even more. Exfoliating is an easy solution!

Yellow (Small)  There are three ways to exfoliate: enzyme, chemical & manual. I am not big on chemical peels, laser treatments, harsh scrubs, etc., manual is definitely my first choice. There’s just something about putting the word(s) chemical and face in the same sentience, know what I mean?! My fave? The MARCO E by Rodan + Fields, the Drs. who created ProActiv!

!Don't Allow

pink heart  
Skin products actually work better without a barrier of dead skin cells blocking the absorption process. Makes total sense. In addition to the skin products working better, the result is a nice, smooth, soft & clean canvas.

Remember ya’ll, exfoliation is not supposed to hurt! Gentle is great! Just as exfoliation can be a wonderful benefit to our skin, over exfoliation can result in dryness, irritation & skin sensitivity. Our face is not a board to be sanded. Finding that sweet spot is essential.

orangexOne skin, one body, oneself, wear and treat it well!