Your Inner Cheerleader or She – Devil?

I get it, change can be intimidating. As humans, I feel like we can tend to think about change as being something huge, instantly noticeable & even a little bit scary. It’s like we came up with this make-believe story that for change to happen, it has to be something like a life event, change in status, move across country, dramatic hair cut or color, etc…

In my opinion, while those big, epic changes are exhilarating and easy to see, it is the everyday micro – changes that don’t get enough credit. You know,  in our minute to minute decisions in the way we respond, think, feel, act, move, eat,speak —  all of it. These little things all add up to be HUGE overtime and often, something we can immediately notice in our mood, who we attract and our minute by minute reactions & feelings impacting every single thing, like a row of dominoes.

Let’s take something that we all do, self talk. That inner dialogue that happens quite often throughout the day. Granted, surely there is an argument to be made that everyone’s inner critic is different, sometimes a cheerleader, other times a she – devil, but it still remains. What if every time that inner critic piped up with something negative you shut it down? Have you ever noticed how much those quiet thoughts are there? What they are saying? How they are speaking to you? How would they make a close friend or a loved one close to you feel if you said those exact things to them over & over, & over?Would that person feel like worth anything? That what they were striving for was worth it? Would those words make them feel loved or the exact opposite?

This is the thing, the more you can take notice and instead of being so hard on yourself, you actually celebrate more with that inner self critic. Celebrate the small wins. I am talking about the really minor ones…. waking up 5 minutes earlier for some “you” time, taking a few deep breaths when stressed, holding the door for a stranger, having a salad for lunch,  the simple, little things.

Micro – changes. One small choice affects the next and the next. Exactly like how a ripple moves over a pond. You do get to choose your ripple effect and all it takes is noticing one small thing at a time.

Take notice over the next day how and what your inner self is saying to you. How you feel and if it is anything less than how you would treat someone who is so important to you. Then, change that dialogue, seriously celebrate the small things and watch how your new day unfolds.

Love yourself first and you will be amazed how much more love you can give. I so wish I would have learned this many, many years ago – but I am grateful I know now and continue to work on it as I change & evolve in my own life.

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XOXO, Renee

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