Your definition of “free”

When you think of feeling & being  “free” what comes to mind? Don’t ponder the question, this is meant to be quick and easy. Being factual,  the word free means such different things to everyone.

For me, I love a good run. My boyfriend swears I was a puppy in my former life! I will get to a new location,  look around outside and be so excited to hit the pavement and get in some miles. I tend to get the same feeling when I am driving down the wide open road. There is just something about driving that frees my mind and spirit. In both scenarios my heart feels lighter, my thoughts flow effortlessly and I have such clarity. Lucky for me, my lifestyle involves a lot of driving and I choose to get out and run, a lot for my sanity and the peeps around me! 😉

So, if I asked you when you felt the most “free” how would you describe that feeling? How often do you get to feel that way? What can you do to create an environment that gave you more of what you loved?  These are important questions to dig deeper with – especially if you are feeling a little tug at your heart that you may want to listen closer to. Small changes make big differences.

Make your heart sing

Have a great week and feel free to let yourself breathe!

Much love,

~ Renee

XOXO, Renee

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