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Let’s talk about Periscope!! Who out there has heard of Periscope?  Who wants some “hearts”, ha, ha, everybody does! And I am NOT just talking about for Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t heard of Periscope, you soon will. It is a fairly new social media platform that allows you to stream LIVE video that is then available for reply for 24 hours and then…boom, it is gone. It does NOT exist forever like so many things  we put out there  on the interweb. Pretty sweet idea. I actually love it because unlike so many other social media platforms, you can’t edit, airbrush, shoot creative pictures or hide behind the screen. Live, in the moment, just you, that little red button and your viewers.  Viewers get to comment  in a scrolling format, if you miss it, they can comment again in a scroll that continues to pop up on your screen in real time and you can answer your viewers instantly, in-between whatever you are scoping about OR you can take a Q & A at the end. The style is totally up to you.  The awesome part about Periscope is that it is totally interactive, and LIVE! I LOVE THE IDEA!! Hearts

The huge Periscope convention is being held this weekend in beautiful San Francisco and it has also been released on Twitter. Which means that you can scope and it will feed LIVE on TWITTER and you do not need the Periscope app! Oh, did I mention this is a phone only social media platform, yep, it is. I am by no means a Periscope expert, but I have been watching a couple of superstars that have taught me a thing or two and I am sharing….and learning! Shout out to @ChaleneJohnson, @rayhigdon, @1AlexKhan & @AngieLentzNASH for showing us the way. Hilarious – informative and entertaining, all of them!

A  few tips:

  • Share. As you are watching the Periscoper (not sure if I made that word up), and if you are loving what you are watching, share with your followers. You can share with all or share with specific people depending on what the content is and who you think may want to also join in. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to share and invite.
  • How do your followers know you are broadcasting live? The app (once installed) gives a little whistle to your followers to alert them that YOU are scoping! Remember, if they can’t tune in at that time, they have 24 hours from the time you record  to watch the replay.
  • And for those “hearts”….liking what you are seeing, hearing & learning — tap that screen!! Tap for hearts! Show the person who is doing the Scope that you are liking the content, a little positive reinforcement is awesome, so show the love!

Wanna follow me as I begin my Periscope debut, I may rumble, bumble & stumble — actually I know I will, but I am sure it will make for some good viewing!

Tune in @rbaus


Now, go out there and make YOUR day a  good day!

~ R


XOXO, Renee

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