Which comes first, happiness or success?

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Periscope. If you don’t know what Periscope is, you can read here Who wants some hearts?!

Someone shared a scope with me from Justin Prince. I had never heard of him previously, but stopped in to listen to his scope for a little bit today. I liked his style so am planning on following him a while longer to see what he is all about. Justin’s topic today caught my attention and I wanted to share it with you. He was discussing the question, which comes first, happiness or success? Does being happy create success or does being successful make one happy? Kind a like the chicken & egg scenario. Anyhow, here’s the gist of what he was sharing today.


Justin mentioned a book called the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. Shawn studied just this question for a over a decade in one of the largest studies of happiness and potential at Harvard University (where he also lectured) and within fortune 500 companies with leading, top executives from all over the globe. Based on his own research in neuroscience & psychology, in addition to case studies, Achor concluded that 90% of happiness is internal, not external. WOW, 90%. Meaning that it doesn’t matter how big the bank account is, how many pounds you  lose or if you could just land that dream job, happiness starts from the inside. We have all said it, “If I can only lose 5lbs, I would be so happy” or “If I could only make xxxx amount of money, my life would be so great.” Nope, this research proves you have to start with yourself first. But, how?

Research shows it takes 21 days to change how happy you are

That is impressive. Here ‘s the (3) things that must be done every day for 21 days to increase your happiness.

  1. First thing in the a.m. listen to something inspiring. — Why? Because hard core research has shown that the mind operates at more wave cycles in the morning. Basically meaning the mind absorbs more. Whether it is scripture, positive music, a morning devotion or an inspiring audio book, spend the first minutes of your day setting it up in a positive way.
  2. Send an email or text giving praise. It is just that simple! This basic act increases dopamine in the brain, (the feel good chemical) AND makes someone else feel great and get their day off on a positive foot.
  3. Write down (3) things that you are grateful for every morning, for 21 days. Fear and gratitude cannot occupy the same space. By filling that space up with things you are grateful for leaves no room for fear. Crush it.  happy

Pretty awesome stuff right here. Spoiler alert, at the end of the day, it is proven that when happiness improves, success improves and so does your overall well being! Happiness = increase in success and overall well being.

For my fellow Periscopers, if you want to follow Justin, you can find him @jkprince3.  Looking for a good read – check it out: The Happiness Advantage

Go on, get out there and get happy!

Much love,


~ Renee


XOXO, Renee

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