Virtual Capes

If you could choose ONE, just ONE Super Hero to be for a day, who would it be and why? Try not to over think this, just jot down who pops into your head at first thought.

— For me, it was Wonder Woman, followed by Batman.  They’re both bad – ass, look out for the well-being of others are incredibly strong  and the one thing that really motivates & fuels me is that they  don’t ever give up and they SHOW UP because they know that people NEED them and they don’t want to let people down.

Not exactly Wonder Woman, but the absolute closest I ever came to flying!

Next up:

What is at least one superpower you have? And, don’t skip this one, you DO have a superpower, actually, most likely more than one. This is not the time to be humble. Maybe your superpower is that you are an incredible listener, super organized, hilarious or maybe you’re full of a beautiful energy. Whatever it is, it is YOURS’ no one elses’. Because, you see even if it is similar, they can’t do it just like you can.

–For me, I have a never-ending will of steel (some may call this stubborn) and I also happen to be extremely compassionate. Putting myself into the shoes of others comes very naturally to me.

Ok, now, make a quick visual & mental note – How are you sitting, standing, reading this blog post at this EXACT moment? What is your current body posture? Are you huddled over your computer, standing straight up or maybe sitting on a balance ball right now? How would you describe your body posture most of the day?

I promise this will make sense….

What if I told you that you could possibly change the outcome of a situation with a power pose?  Sounds too simple, right? That’s just it. As humans, we try to overcomplicate so many things when the basic, small shifts can lead to a much more desirable and positive outcome.  But wait, what exactly is a power pose? Think about the way your favorite super hero stands. Upright, chest sightly outward, arms on hips or even up in the air, opening up a little bit more. Those are all examples of a power pose.  Try it, stand up straight, take a deep breathe, close your eyes, exhale out and envision for about a minute exactly what you would like to happen.

This past fall, I had the honor of listening to a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy who shares the effect of a “power posing” and how simply changing your body language can truly impact the end result. She also got really vulnerable in her talk and shared how she pushed through re-gaining her once lost identity when she felt utterly and completely out of answers.  This is worth your time, I promise you! Watch Here

Make it a beautiful day and don’t forget your virtual cape on the way out of the door !



XOXO, Renee

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