Things that go GLOW in the Dark

Who remembers those little glow in the dark stars that were probably stuck to the walls & ceilings of every kid growing up in the 90’s?! Loved, loved, loved them. My sis and I shared a room our whole life and I was seriously obsessed with those stars. We had two kinds –  the plastic, larger ones that could stick to the ceiling with some putty AND the tiny, little sticker ones that I later learned were miserable to remove when it was time to paint! (Sorry Mom & Dad) The funny part is that my sis and I never tried to make artistic designs or constellations or even thought about putting them on the wall. Our goal was to cover every single white space on the ceiling during the day because at night when we would turn out the lights, it looked so, so cool!


Anyhow, I was recently putting together a little package for a friend of mine who is newly engaged. Her and her fiancé have the cutest, most curious fun loving little boy. I wanted to include a small gift for him and thought a package of stars was just right. Which, in turn triggered a wonderful trip down my childhood memory lane and an awesome opportunity to share it with a little friend! (We may or may not have just painted over the ceiling of stars…shhhh!)

Whether it is a familiar scent, an accidentally lost & found again picture or something you stumble on while out shopping it is always fun to be reminded of the things that brought joy to your youth. To share it with others is even better, old can be new again. 😉

XOXO, Renee

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