The ONE Skincare Product that Everyone Needs

If you are familiar with the word, serum, you probably already know that is the powerhouse in your skincare arsenal. If dullness, wrinkles, fine lines or uneven skin tone top your list for personal skin care concerns, a serum packed with antioxidants & peptides is exactly what you need to look for. While it is the most potent skincare product in our regimens, it is also the one we tend to invest in the most. One of the unique things I recently learned is that oxygen actually affects the efficacy of serum. I discovered that every time the bottle is opened and the squeezy thing comes out or with every pump, oxygen actually makes all of those powerful ingredients that much less effective. So, essentially, it is literally like money spent, money wasted and our skin is missing OUT! Who knew?! That is exactly why if you have ever received a mini-facial from me and used the Night Renewing Serum, you may have noticed it comes in these beautiful little pearl – like microsponges. But why? Why does this specific nightly dose of serum come in a cute little, spongy, blue pearl? When you twist the top off, you actually apply the entire contents to your face (neck & chest, too!) Given that each pearl holds enough serum for one full application, there is ZERO chance of the product being compromised by oxygen, meaning all of that yummy retinol stays in tact. The other cool thing that makes this already powerful serum even MORE effective is that the retinol is time released overnight for a whopping 12 hours!  Due to the scientifically time released capsule, the retinol changes from liquid form to powder form in 45 seconds. This process makes the retinol react as if it were .15% dosage of retinol (double the actual retinol in it, gahhhh!!! Essentially more bang for your buck and more action for your skin!). Additionally, the skin is treated over a number of hours for HUGE results, making it much more powerful.  The other cool perk is you know exactly how much to apply, taking all of the guesswork out! Boo – yah!

Benefits of Using a Serum (The following applies specifically to the serum in a blue microsponge)

  • Intense anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Peptides signal collagen production reducing the appearance of lines.
  • Retinol renews skin, improves skin texture, minimizes the appearance of pores and visibly brightens the skin.
  • Time released microsponge technology for longer results and works allll night long to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores for firmer, younger looking skin
  • Please know that a serum does NOT replace the benefits of a fantastic night moisturizer

Who knew there was actually a way to make your serum that much MORE powerful making you look that much more radiant!

If you would like more info on the above little pearl that packs an anti-aging punch, just comment below or reach out personally and I will be happy to answer all of your questions!




XOXO, Renee

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