The Easiest Way to Stay Fit on the Road…


I often wake up in  a different place on a nightly, weekly or sometimes (very infrequently) monthly basis. As a runner, I sooo appreciate this and often times think about not only the miles my tennis shoes have put in, but all of the cool spots that I get to explore right out of my door and burn some calories while doing it!  Running is one of the most convenient  ways I know to stay in shape when traveling and requires nothing but a pair of tennis shoes. Well, I like to use my armband, Yurbuds & my running app too, but still – very little equipment and so easy to pack.  If you’re not a runner, try walking and work your way up to power walking.  I have a friend who is the power walking queen and she makes me work for it, every time! You truly can get in a good sweat session and end up working different muscles in the calves. Trust me on that one. 😉 I felt it the next day! Ok, let’s say you are just not the exercising type (dun, dun, dunnnnn) Here’s something easy to incorporate into your weekly schedule whether you are traveling or not…

  • If I am catching up with family & friends, I love to put on my headset and walk while we are chatting away. Before you know it, you have been on the phone for 30 minutes and walked over 2 miles! Do this every time you are trying to “find a good time” for that catch up call and you will be surprised how many calories you burn and how you mayyyy just start to look forward to it! (I start my running app right before I make the call. It tracks time, calories, pace & distance. Check out MapMyRun)  Added perk, you feel GREAT afterwards, really!

A few years back I was training for the Tough Mudder (yes, while on the road) and became obsessed with different types of exercises using only  body weight. Because, I mean, who can tow around weights with them all of the time? Or better yet, who wants to?  Plus I couldn’t depend on wherever I was staying to have a good selection of weights , so I had to come up with a concrete plan. That way when I had a variety of weights it was an added bonus to my work – out and didn’t dictate whether I had a good training session or not . Boom! That’s how you control what you can – and forget about the rest!

I’ll share some of my favorite body weight exercises that you can do from anywhere in a future post! They are SO simple and the best part, effective!!

In the meantime, be sure to get out & move it, move it!!

XOXO, Renee

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