The #1 Sign of Aging is NOT Wrinkles

Did you know that the #1 sign of aging is not wrinkles, but Dull skin? True story. While genetics do play a role, a much smaller role than we have been told in aging, the habits you develop and the life choices you make all wildly contribute to how you age. So, instead of tracing back to when Mom or Dad showed their first wrinkle or gray hair, think about what you can control and make small changes. It is no wonder that the anti-aging market is a multi-billion dollar industry!

Below are some of the the biggest culprits that show how we age, literally. Scientists at Case Western University reported the following…

  • Smoking. A study of twins showed that a non-smoking twin in comparison with a twin that smoked only took 5 years of smoking to make the the twin who smoked look older than the non-smoking twin. For every 10 years after that, the smoking twin visibly aged by 2.5 years faster. Yikes!
  • Sun Exposure. The sun’s rays are more powerful than we may like to believe. Sure, we have all heard the most dangerous times to be outside without any protection are between 10 a.m – 2 p.m. However; anytime spent outside without sunscreen will cause long-term premature aging and increases your risk for skin cancer. Whether it is 7 a.m. and you are getting in your morning walk (yay!) or you are driving in the winter and the sun beams in daily on the left side of your face & arm, wear your sunscreen! Hats, long sleeved shirts and sunglasses are all must haves!
  • Stress. Stress is a HUGE culprit. Collagen is what gives elasticity to our skin and keeps it firm. A stress hormone called cortisol wrecks havoc on our body from the inside out causing inflammation, hair loss and breaks down collagen causing weaker skin, resulting in more wrinkles. How much older you may wonder, 3 – 6 years older depending on how much stress is invading your life.

So, how do you address the damage on a cellular level? Work to reverse cellular damage caused by stress (research Telomeres for the down deep scientific evidence about cellular damage and what that means)  by making healthy eating choices, exercising regularly (think at least 30 minutes, five times a week) and and getting quality sleep. Maintaining those good habits will result in significantly less cellular damage, even during those stressful times that life will bring.

Now, back to the appearance of aging. Dull skin. By simply taking care of your skin, twice a day and using the correct techniques and products containing effective ingredients, you too can win the battle of aging gracefully. You should know that not washing your face twice a day for any period of time drastically affects the skin texture, ability to absorb and hold in moisture as well as dryness. Not washing your face simply makes you look older. Exfoliation is KEY in reducing dullness. Just as it is key though, over scrubbing and over exfoliation is a fine line, no pun intended. 😉

Bonus tip: Scrubbing 101

1)  Change the way you scrub: Most people apply the cleanser to the palms of their hands or to the fingers and place their hands on the cheeks and start to rub vigorously. Instead, apply the cleanser to the finger pads and use small circles as and gently massage the entire face. Finger pads have the most sensitivity and can detect pressure better. Do not stay in one place too long. Let the product do the work–no extra pressure is required. 

2)  Do not use a wash cloth or osculating brush to cleanse as they absorb much of the treatment wash (wasteful) and may cause over exfoliation. Also, wash cloths are notorious for harboring bacteria. Ewwww…..

3)  Layer a moisturizer over the entire face. This is where the type of products you is essential. Everyone’s skin is different. One common misconception, using a wash that produces a lot of foam. Foam actually strips the skin of moisture and breaks down the skin’s moisture.

We are all aging all of the time and in a selfie taking, picture posting world, there is no reason to feel apprehensive or anxious about putting your beautiful, confident face forward. A little self love goes a long way.

Remember to wear your sunscreen and here’s your daily dose of internal sunscreen — this one NEVER gets old to listen to! Cheers!!!

The Sunscreen Song

Love who you are and have an awesome day!



XOXO, Renee

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