What Does Baking Have To Do With Your Face Cream?! This Is GOOD!

What in the world does baking & skincare have in common?!  As much as I love coconut oil, this isn’t about using it as your moisturizer.
I’m gonna tell you
Even if baking is not your thing,  most of us can agree that sweet treats come out best when the recipe is followed with the right ingredients, in the right order as suggested, correct?
I mean, think about this for a second, would you just leave out the eggs or flour in your favorite cookie recipe and expect the same result? ? (Actually, come to think of it, my still Mom laughs at me because I can never get my cookies fluffy, they are always flat!!). Yes, we have all done it while on the phone, or lost in thought of what is next to do on our list or just because we have made the recipe so many times, we were not really giving it full attention. Usually, though, it is not a conscious decision that we make and expect a delicious treat.
R + F uses & believes in using multi-med therapy: the right ingredients + the right formulations + the right order = the best results. Just like baking: the right ingredients + the right formulations + the right order = a great final product. This exact methodology is exactly how Macaela achieved her gorgeous results in the photo.
Multi – med therapy addresses more than just the surface concern on skin. It works to create healthy skin from the underneath — layers, out. No band-aid solutions – instead, lasting, healthy results that literally glow, giving you a fresh, healthy and radiant looking appearance.
It’s true, no single ingredient is going to give you beautiful skin. Just like solely whipping up half of your favorite cookie recipe won’t give you the delicious treat you are going for.  ? But, the right combination, will!
I invite you to discover your winning combo right here…..be sure to enter your email so I can help guide you!
Oh and while I may not be able to make a mean cookie 100% of the time, I can make one hell of a zucchini almond flour muffin!
Thanks so much for stopping in and have a beautiful day!!
XOXO, Renee

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