Lunch On the Go – Go! Healthy Eats, Little Time…

People are always so curious about how much we eat out given that we are almost constantly traveling. Truth be told, with a little pre- game thinking, maybe a  tiny bit of prep and some creativity, my lunch looks more like this on a daily basis.

While I am all about spending a couple of hours a week doing some things to make meals & snacking easier, I totally bought everything up above all ready done. We had limited time and limited resources, so I made it work. Yes, we can now purchase eggs already boiled in our modern day society and I love a flavorful, but not mayonnais – Y  tuna and the quinoa really hit the spot! Green olives stuffed with feta, ummm, yes. Protein, savory & satisfying all around

The container is fantastic as it has several different dividers for a girl who loves variety. Really, they are available all over, so please don’t pay more than $12 for it and that’s a bit much. I think I found mine @ TJMaxx or Marshall’s for about $8.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle on the go – go! Small changes do count and will add up -promise!! Plus, your body & mind will thank you!

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XOXO, Renee

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