Love Notes ~ The Handwritten Kind…

How awesome is to give or receive a hand written note? That warm & fuzzy feeling you get when reading it or thinking about what the person may be doing when they open your note? In our modern-day age with all of the options for technology and instant communication, the simple art of taking a few minutes to write out a thank you card, love note, or hey I’m thinking of you card is becoming more & more uncommon. It is an act of kindness that is truly so meaningful and brightens the receiver’s day in such an unexpected way!

Love Notes

Maybe it was the memory of finding little love notes written on a napkin every now & then tucked away in my lunch as a kid from my Mom that I remember or being taught the importance of sending a thank you, either way, it has stuck with me.  😉

One of my favorite places to stock up on inexpensive stationery is at Target,  especially in the dollar bins up front! (Caution: try not to get sucked into everything else!!! Easier said than done) Really though, they have such an awesome selection of sizes, styles & colors. I tend to navigate towards the blank cards or more simple ones so I can use them for anything. Marshalls & TJMaxx also have a nice selection. When traveling, I tuck a card or two away in my bag for that just in case moment of need – and am always so happy I have something when it comes up!  Not a fan of your handwriting, meh – it’s the thought counts.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


XOXO, Renee

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