Let’s Talk about Ghee, Baby!

Ghee – kind of a fun word to say and I would bet that if you were playing some type of guess the __________ game and never have heard of this word there is no way you would just guess what it was!!I I had no idea at first – but then I discovered, tried and was hooked. For both health reasons and taste.

Here’s the technical definition:

Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India and is commonly used in South Asian cuisines, traditional medicines and even religious rituals. Thank you, Wikipedia! Basically, it is clarified butter. Meaning that it is unsalted & the milk proteins have been removed. It has  a high smoke point making it perfect for cooking — when purchasing the correct brand, has an incredible flavor.


Benefits to Ghee

  • It is clarified butter. No junk
  • It travels SO well and does not need refrigeration
  • When purchasing the correct brand, has fantastic flavor
  • A little goes a long way. My little 8 oz bottle lasts me a very long time
  • Use it for anything — sauteing fish (Super Yum!), baked potato, drizzled on a sweet potato, to scramble eggs, roasted vegetables. Use it in just about all of the same ways you would use butter
  • Ghee has a very high flash point, 485 degrees F. Perfect to use for cooking
  • Great source for soluble vitamins like Vitamin K and is great for hair, skin & nails. Oh yea!
  • Omega 3, Omega 9 essential fatty acids, antioxidants & minerals that are super for the body!
  • Ghee is easy to make (so I read) just google recipes and give it a go if you prefer to save a little money and make it at home. For me, I make  a lot of my food at home and prefer to purchase my ghee. Like many, I don’t always have the time with my travel schedule to make everything from scratch. I have never made it, so I don’t have a favorite recipe. If you try one & love it, please let me know!

My favorite: Click Here


Little changes make big results. If you are looking for ways to increase your health and decrease processed foods, try switching out your butter for ghee. A really simple change packed with some bold flavor!  If you have a great recommendation share it in the comments! Sharing is caring!


XOXO, Renee

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