Forever Sunsets…

My Pops text me this pic of a sunset just a few days ago. This was the sunset he was looking at  – clearly they live on a beautiful lake!! At the time, it was a busy day (aren’t they all?!) so I looked at it, was wowed for a minute and then went back to what had me so preoccupied in the first place.  I believe I probably commented a one – word response back along the lines of “wow” or “awesome.”


Fast forward a few days…

I quit something today. I quit a project that I had taken on after many attempts at resolution, after letting it consume almost all waking hours for five months straight, after doing all of the protocol bullshit steps I knew I was “supposed to do” when challenges arise. Let me be clear, I don’t like to quit things, ever. If it means I suffer for the sake of not quitting something, then, by all means, I will put myself through agony. Just being honest. Sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good. A fine line that could be described as determined but soon crosses into stubborn. Okay, back to the picture – I came across the picture again and paused this time and you know what came over me? Joy, peacefulness, comfort, happiness, tranquility & the best part —  knowing that I can think of SO many sunsets, similar to that one that I have been able to share with my Dad, my Mom, my loved ones because I took the time. Because I truly made the choice to be there. Because I made other choices in my life to put me in those kind of moments.

I am proud that I have found the freaking strength to make the tough decisions in life. Are they easy, never. Have I always had this strength. No. (I can think of three distinct choices I made NOT to be somewhere and I should have, to this day) Do I know it at the time, helllll no. If only. But, am I getting better at identifying the fact that pride does not always have to win over happiness. You bet.

I am NOT saying go out and start quitting stuff just for the sake of quitting. But, what I am saying is when you put your heart & soul into something and it doesn’t give back, it is time to start looking at other options. Life is too precious, moments are soon memories and we make choices all day long. Start making the choice that makes you proud, energized & excited to create new memories every single day.

Start creating your own forever sunsets…

With love,


XOXO, Renee

One thought on “Forever Sunsets…

  1. Denny (Pops) Baus says:

    Sweetheart when I read this it made my chest swell with pride that we have raised such a strong
    understanding and sensitive daughter.
    The sunset awaits you and many more.


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