All It Takes Is One Conversation To Change Everything. Gratitude + Abundance Magnified

A little backstory about what triggered the thought for this post. I am currently reading book #3 of a 4 book series written by Rhonda Byrne. Of course I am reading them out of order (no surprise, that’s my style!!) which does not impact the flow of the books, the author explains.  The book reviews of the series itself are amazing in themselves with many sharing that these books have literally changed their life. As with anything though, use it or lose it — so the author emphasizes  it is crucial that the reader practices what they learn in their life immediately.   Book #3 is called, the Magic and is all about the insane power of gratitude and how to truly understand it, use it and experience it more than you could have ever imagined.

Gratitude + Abundance Magnified.

Today’s exercise (day #12)  asked me to think of three people in my life and thank them out loud for HOW they have affected the course of my life. To truly visualize that moment in time, speak it out loud and thank them. I closed my eyes, cleared my thoughts and focused on the thought to bring in the people who came to mind, first.

Within seconds, the man who’s name I  wish I knew so I could reach out and thank in person came to mind. While I don’t know his name, I took his advice straight to heart & put it into action, that’s how good it was.

Here’s a look into what he shared with me

fifteen (HOLY MOLY!!!) years ago and how that ONE conversation was so impressionable in my young adult life.

During my college years @ Kent State University in Kent, Ohio I worked alongside of being a full time student, like many do. I was truly so fortunate to have found a job that was considered on campus, paid well and I could walk to (nearly all 4.5 years from my freshman dorm & college house) that didn’t involve food or being a resident assistant. I considered being a RA long & hard, but I just couldn’t bring myself to having to put a stop to those early a.m. parties that I was the one guilty of being at! I would have wound up turning myself in because I couldn’t handle being a hypocrite! Just about as I was feeling the freshman frustration of adapting, juggling & stressing just a bit I came across a job posting for the KSU Phone Center….

I tried to ignore it. I realllllly did.  It continued to pop up all over the place – SO, I accepted the message staring point blank right at my face and I looked a little closer. I mean to a broke college kid, the hourly pay looked incredible.  I told myself it would only be for a semester or so, ha, ha -come to find out the joke was on me.  I officially became a student caller at the Kent State University Foundation Center raising money for KSU through alumni. Yep, a telemarketer in all of it’s glory.  Oi. I didn’t like the title (never been fond of titles), but I did like the hourly rate, bonuses & incentive program. The job taught me A LOT and I made some incredible life – long friends.  After my freshman year I applied for a position as a Phone Center Manager (yayyy, I didn’t have to call as much!), got the position and 4.5 years later I was still there, which leads me to my mystery man.

I was a December graduate and every now and then, us Supervisors would jump on the line to do a few calls,  lead by example and keep our experience relevant & relate-able.  This specific night, I spoke with an Alum who had three kids of his own, put them all through college and understood the importance of alumni support. I, personally was just on the brink of graduating and honestly was already feeling the fear of being unsure of where I was going, what I wanted to do in just a few short weeks and where I was going to live among many other things. As the man and I were building rapport, he asked me my plan — the dreaded question that weighed so heavily on me at the time. I believe I responded by telling him I wasn’t sure; but I was thinking about going somewhere for a little bit before I had to “commit” to the real world — which in itself is a whole other story, but I’ll save that for later! The man shared with me that there was only ONE requirement he had for all of his kids and that was for each to take a few months / weeks and travel before jumping into a full – time position, marriage, kids, life in general. He paid for it, that was his gift completely to them. He shared with me where all of his kids chose to go and a about each of their unique experiences. He really emphasized that NOW was the time he expressed to them to do it, because life happens no matter what and many times, really fast.

That night

after I thanked him for his generous contribution and ended the call, I decided 100% that this is exactly what I needed to do – travel. I committed, to myself. I found the place (a 14  – hour plane trip away) that felt right and I took out an additional, small student loan to help fund my decision. I put it together in few short weeks and traveled / worked for travel for six beautiful months in the gorgeous country of Australia.

I am so, so grateful for that man. The man who’s name I am not sure of, but I KNOW he was placed into my life at exactly the right time to be the messenger for exactly what I needed to hear. If I had not had that conversation and been open to it, who knows if or how long it would have taken me to leap and truly appreciate the wonderful world of travel. I know for a fact, every decision I made after that would look much different than it does now if I had not had that conversation.

My question to you is: who in your life has truly impacted your path? How would your life look if you didn’t make THAT specific decision or have THAT specific conversation? The next time you make a choice, will it be slightly different?

The mind blowing  thing is

that often, when we take the time to look back we can identify how truly one choice leads to another and we can absolutely design the life we desire based on our choices & an open mind.

On the gorgeous Emerald Coast of Miramer Beach, FL – A Winter Escape

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a beautiful day and make sure to create more magic in your life!




New Year’s Resolutions Are SO Boring, Though!!

It’s the last week of 2017

dun, dun, dunnnn…. so what does that mean? Stressful, a wash, a week of over indulging, travel & family, over planning, it can be a variety of things and feelings, that is for sure.

I know for me personally, the last week of the year tends to be a big week for reflection about the year we are closing in on and what I want to create in the New Year. Sometimes it’s a specific focus like relationship goals, fitness desires, family plans or career leaps, but more times than not it is a mash – up of sorts with a fresh outlook and approach to starting the new chapter of the new year.

The question is HOW do we keep it fresh & fun and not get overwhelmed with the closing out of a year? I have the PERFECT solution for you that I discovered through a little trial, failure & getting at it again until it legit felt GOOD!  I share the good stuff below….

New Year’s Resolutions Are So Boring, Though…

The thought of writing out line after line of New Year’s Resolutions actually makes me crinkle my nose, a bit nauseous  and grumpy all while creating this icky feeling of resistance in my gut.  Sounds awful, right?? I know I am not alone here. I have always viewed it as a giant to do list that ends up being something I count the days until I BROKE the resolution that I had just declared only days before.  Don’t get me wrong I whole – heartily tried the whole resolution thing for years –  I would spend time writing it out all pretty with all those words in neat handwriting, even colored pens, read it, smile  and then bury it somewhere I ended up never looking at it (although I had every intention to do so). Every single year. Talk about self – sabotage! To only come across it a few years later , sigh, have a little laugh and think about how I should have tried harder or just plain saved that time and done something more productive than writing out lines of neatly written rules I hated to even think about not let alone stick to. Straight up made me feel gross.  Ugh,  clearly not my thing.

A Fresh Approach….


Think back to when you were a kid in school and the art teacher’s project was to create a collage. She would ask everyone to bring in magazines and they’d be lumped right in the middle of the pod of desks, alongside with some glue sticks, construction paper and scissors. The task would be to cut out whatever appealed to your eye and stick it on the paper. Then, you’d be left with this beautiful creation of things that were all you, that appealed to you and made you feel good. The colors, places, words, textures, it was all you. No two kid’s collages looked alike.

This is the exact SAME process for the VISION BOARD! The actual word – vision board or dream board is just the grown up version of a kid’s art collage.  Gahhh, the creative, visionary side of me gets all excited about this and it is SO fun to do! So much better than writing out line after line of New Year’s Resolutions, just saying!

The best part is that there are zero rules or boundaries, here. Pour yourself a glass of vino, put on some background music and just have fun!

Here’s a few ideas to help get those creative energies flowing….

Choose a cork board and pin up things that you want in 2018, your goals, desires and dreams so big they make you laugh, trust me, if they don’t make you laugh, they need to be bigger! Keep it super simple and go the poster board & glue stick route.  Stickers & sharpies make great decorating besties!  More of a digital girl – perfect! Canva is a great FREE app to use to upload images, photos, backgrounds to create a digital collage then you can easily use it as your desktop or phone background, print it out, hang it up. The idea is not to bury your dreams, goals & vision for 2018 (ahhem, like I did with all those words as mentioned above) it is to see it daily, all of the time — feel the excitement in your heart & mind every time you catch a glimpse of it. Get that daily dose of what YOU want in your best day, life, year & keep reminding yourself.  Clip out words, a few favorite motivational phrases, travel destinations, your dream home, dream vacation, $$ you want in your bank account, charities you would love to donate to, the gorgeous gown you want to wear, that killer pair of heels that you’ve had your eye on, the toned arms you know you would rock in a tank top, the family vacation your family has talked about for years, the new car you want (NOT the one you think you can afford, but the one you REALLY want), the wedding of your dreams or man for that matter!

**Tip: Use a symbol or image that only you know what it represents if that makes you more comfortable putting it out there.

Get at it — truly, every desire is absolutely worth stating out loud that you want it., claim it, own it, it. is. yours. There is SO much power in putting out into the universe exactly what you want.

Then, you know what is the BEST feeling?  The butterflies you feel when you look back at the year’s previous vision board and realize what has been accomplished, what was once a dream is now a reality.  The only guideline for the vision board project is to just do it, without thinking about the “how” everything is possible, if it feels good and you’re having fun then you are winning!

Here’s a pic of one of mine from 2017. It is nothing fancy and mind you I travel in a suitcase 10 out of 12 months of the year and live in bus, so size does matter! 😉 I chose to make a digital copy and a poster version so I could tape it to the back of my bathroom door and see it every day ( I was “home”), or toss it in my suitcase for easy traveling.

Cheers to YOU, 2018 and to creating your best year yet all while having loads of fun along the way! Thank you for stopping by & reading.


Much Love ~ Renee

Gettin’ Some of the Morning Magic….

Our days are often so overly packed with commitments, schedules, appointments, errands — you name it. Not to mention all of the hats we wear as multi – tasking, super efficient, on top of her game super women, ha, ha!  No wonder we are often left feeling SPENT at the end of the day doing everything we can to enjoy a glass (or two — no judging, here!) of vino, possibly in peace…for a minute?!  Self – care…what the hell is that? Who has time for anything extra? A clone would be a wonderful thing at times, right? Or maybe even a friendly robot, like from the Jetsons??? Yeah, a cute one, please! 😉

Ok, ok, so what if you made a commitment to yourself to carve out a just a few minutes at the beginning & end of each day for you? A few minutes to start your day, set your intention, set your internal GPS and do something for yourself that kicked off your day that made you actually FEEL really f-ing great about yourself? In turn those few powerful minutes work to serve others in a much bigger, more present and loving way. Would you do it? Then, for a bonus you started ending the day in the same way, like sort of a decompression of sort.  A short mini routine to help you wind down mentally & physiologically, to relax and in turn you actually slept better and woke up more refreshed. Sounds. Like. Heaven.

Getting intentional about time, how it is spent and how it is used speaks volumes in how the quality of life feels, the types of choices made and the way we spend our ever precious minutes of the day.

Try it. You be the judge.

Maybe it’s having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and jotting down a few things that you WANT in your life and believe in.  Pick yourself up a really fun or pretty journal that you actually look forward to opening and writing in. It doesn’t have to be long, it can be as easy as: Positive change happens for me, quickly, Miracles happen daily, Opportunity is everywhere, I meet incredible, bold & kick ass people everyday, I truly believe I can have it all, etc…simple. Perhaps it’s listening to a positive podcast or YouTube Video from an inspirational mentor or reading a blog. There’s a lot of options here. For me, my morning routine is a non – negotiable. Traveling, in strange places, super early mornings (like 3:30 a.m. I am talking), wherever I am, my morning routine always consists of:

  • A vitamin cocktail of all of the yummy vitamins my body needs, daily – followed by a swig of aloe vera juice (great gut tamer)
  • A cup of hot peppermint tea, while journaling my intention for the day and what in my life I am creating and what I am open to receiving — and just as important, no longer tolerating
  • A form of exercise **
  • My 2 – 3 minute skincare routine, I mean, of course!**
  • A bit of eye & lip love, usually a messy ‘do and something comfortably cute  for clothes on my bod, depending on my mood **
  • ** all while listening to a mentor, training, podcast, etc…raising my vibe & growing myself

Some days, all before 7 a.m. Are all days easy to drag myself out of bed, nope. Does it take some really loud internal self talk, on some days, you bet. But, the pay off is so, so worth it.

I have found by implementing these easy pieces of my routine into the beginning of my day I am literally READY to tackle the day, negativity bounces off of me way easier and I seriously feel so much better about myself, enabling me to pour into others so much more and without a heavy burden of that feeling of pressure on my shoulders. It’s like I strengthen my virtual shield to repel bullshit and negativity while I maximize my super sexy woman cape to be capable of more than I ever thought I could. This shit works, seriously.

I only wish

I would have discovered the power of this years ago to relieve that heavy pressure. So thankful I have in my life, now!

Give yourself some time to adjust though, you have to stay consistent with this new routine to really experience all of it’s power.

You got this, stay with it, pump yourself up and for heaven’s sake, give yourself a few minutes of self love a day – you SO deserve it.

If you are curious about more ideas on how to incorporate some kind of magical morning into your routine, reach out, let’s connect – I’d love to get to know you a little bit and brainstorm!

Thanks for stopping by.



Your Inner Cheerleader or She – Devil?

I get it, change can be intimidating. As humans, I feel like we can tend to think about change as being something huge, instantly noticeable & even a little bit scary. It’s like we came up with this make-believe story that for change to happen, it has to be something like a life event, change in status, move across country, dramatic hair cut or color, etc…

In my opinion, while those big, epic changes are exhilarating and easy to see, it is the everyday micro – changes that don’t get enough credit. You know,  in our minute to minute decisions in the way we respond, think, feel, act, move, eat,speak —  all of it. These little things all add up to be HUGE overtime and often, something we can immediately notice in our mood, who we attract and our minute by minute reactions & feelings impacting every single thing, like a row of dominoes.

Let’s take something that we all do, self talk. That inner dialogue that happens quite often throughout the day. Granted, surely there is an argument to be made that everyone’s inner critic is different, sometimes a cheerleader, other times a she – devil, but it still remains. What if every time that inner critic piped up with something negative you shut it down? Have you ever noticed how much those quiet thoughts are there? What they are saying? How they are speaking to you? How would they make a close friend or a loved one close to you feel if you said those exact things to them over & over, & over?Would that person feel like worth anything? That what they were striving for was worth it? Would those words make them feel loved or the exact opposite?

This is the thing, the more you can take notice and instead of being so hard on yourself, you actually celebrate more with that inner self critic. Celebrate the small wins. I am talking about the really minor ones…. waking up 5 minutes earlier for some “you” time, taking a few deep breaths when stressed, holding the door for a stranger, having a salad for lunch,  the simple, little things.

Micro – changes. One small choice affects the next and the next. Exactly like how a ripple moves over a pond. You do get to choose your ripple effect and all it takes is noticing one small thing at a time.

Take notice over the next day how and what your inner self is saying to you. How you feel and if it is anything less than how you would treat someone who is so important to you. Then, change that dialogue, seriously celebrate the small things and watch how your new day unfolds.

Love yourself first and you will be amazed how much more love you can give. I so wish I would have learned this many, many years ago – but I am grateful I know now and continue to work on it as I change & evolve in my own life.

Thank you for stopping by.



Naked Confidence

We’ve heard it, read it and from time to time many of us experience what true and utter confidence feels like.  Like you can literally DO anything, right? Totally unstoppable. Don’t give a second thought to what anyone else thinks (in the most loving way of course), in your zone and nothing is going to stop you, you won’t let it.  And then, poof, maybe one day something happens out of your control and throws you unsteady, wavering, on the edge just barely able to talk yourself into getting dressed in the morning not let alone put in any effort. Or, maybe you are on the roller coaster ride — you know, one morning you wake up owning the day and while this happens quite often, but still have a few days a week or a month you just don’t feel it.

So how exactly do you recover? How do you just snap back into that amazing feeling and place? How can it be here one day and feel like it is gone the next? Truthfully, it is ALWAYS there, it is up to you (me included) to recognize it, even on the most shittiest of days when anything and everything feels like it is being turned upside down. HANG IN THERE. Trust that you WILL bounce back and be freaking better than ever. How you react during those moments are telling and lay the groundwork for growth, expansion & personal evolvement (ha, is that a word?! SP is telling me no!), but you know what I am saying.

Naked Confidence.

No, I don’t mean standing naked in front of the mirror or streaking across your backyard (or RV Park / Hotel in my case) – strip away the expensive handbags, sunglasses, uber photo filters that erase every laugh line and slims the face just perfectly, forget the size “mini – me” pants size obsession, thigh gap goal and no root days, ever. I mean really, take the pressure off! I am talking about naked confidence, WHO and WHAT you feel at your your core. Inside, out without all of the flashy stuff. Truuust me when I say I like fun, new & sometimes expensive items, a sexy lipstick and a great hair day, but take it all away and what do you have? That’s my point. Once that is paid attention to, worked on (yes, exactly like a muscle) and developed more & more from the inside out — those days, those days you are like where the hell did my confidence go become fewer & fewer in-between as you rock that inner, naked confidence regardless.

I totally get it, it can be really hard to love yourself in a world that is filter crazy, photo shopped and told through carefully posed photos on social media. We are all guilty from time to time, but come back, always come back to YOU and work that inner confidence muscle that gets stronger if you spend some time with it.


You are doing just fine.

You are EXACTLY where you need to be at this moment.

You have so much to give, just being you.

You are worthy of every single thing that you receive and more.

You ARE truly doing amazing.

Think it.

Say it.

Believe it.

Let go of being so hard on yourself. Love the imperfections, the silly mishaps, the freaking roller coaster of life and laugh it off. That’s what makes you, you.


Celebrate YOU.

You have everything you NEED, right inside of YOU. Go ahead, give it a little attention and notice what happens. 😉


~ Renee



Realizations and a really, really remarkable”before” picture

Do you ever have those conversations with friends when all of a sudden, WHAM….something just crazy triggers in your mind and you are like, “Why didn’t I realize that before?!” Maybe it’s the fact that we are so present over other times and the thoughts are able to come pouring in, or perhaps it is just the right time. Recently, I was chatting with some friends and answering questions about what I do and WHY I was hit with so many realizations and I had to share one of them, right here.

In addition to being an Event Manager by trade and on the road about 10 months out of the year, I am also a Consultant with Rodan + Fields.

I was NOT looking for an opportunity by any means when I found Rodan + Fields, I was looking for a possible solution, that’s it.

I had just gotten off of the phone with my Momma who was wrapping up with her 36th radiation treatment and she was and IS doing amazing. She never, ever complained about a thing and was going to hop on a plane right after her last treatment to celebrate her granddaughter’s first birthday. She did mention to me that she could really tell where on her skin all of the treatment was focused and while she was trying many things, there was still a redness and sensitive area that was visible and just not improving at ALL with anything she tried. I hung up the phone and I thought to myself, surely after all this woman has gone through I can find something to help with this concern. So, I went to Google and started searching.  I then remembered seeing a B & A on my sister’s friends FB page. I reached out to her, asked what it was and for some info. Then, naturally, I proceeded to do my own research, because that’s what I do! ?

I wanted to find out who these Rodan + Fields people were… Well, yes, they certainly checked out and quite impressively I may add. I discovered they were the Drs. Who created Proactiv and so much more. At that point, I knew what I was sending my Mom was from a trusted and credible source, not some fake company with jenky cream. I sent it to her and asked that she use it while in AZ.

As many of us know, life is busy and gets even busier when visiting family, so we really didn’t get to catch up full on until about 2 weeks later.

She called me, was standing in the shower with a towel wrapped around her and said, “I cannot even tell where the treatment area was. All of the redness & irritation is gone.”  My heart swelled with happiness and my eyes with tears. All I wanted to do was take away one less thing for her to worry about after all she had been through – and it worked. ❣️ Then, I started thinking….what if I could connect people with these products to do the same thing for them?! I mean, why should anyone have to go through more than they need to when solutions exist, right? In all honesty I am a 99 potential solution girl, not 99 problems. ?

At that exact moment, for the first time in my life I was struggling with Cystic Acne. Utterly embarrassed, I kept thinking I had no idea where it came from and had no idea why, but clearly looking back now, I was in complete denial of what was happening in my life.

I was in the midst of figuring out what went wrong with LASIK eye surgery in not one, but BOTH eyes permanently damaging my corneas, my Momma was rocking through battling breast cancer, but I wanted to be there to help her as much as possible AND for the first time in my life I walked away from a project that was NOT what I thought it was going be and put me in a really bad spot, jeopardizing what I believed in. As a Freelancer, that also means consciously walking away from a paycheck, without another solid contract – but for me, choosing integrity was the right choice. Alllll while trying to remain calm as Crohn’s Disease thrives on stress!!!  Ha, and I was wondering WHY my face was a wreck!

Eyiyi….I had been dealing with this for a solid 8 months at this point.

So, I ordered the line for acne and let me be really clear here (no pun intended;-)), it was not overnight, but over time the Cystic acne became less, it felt less painful, started to clear up, the redness began to diminish and even a little glow in my complexion started to come out. Soon, I wasn’t subconscious about wearing a pony tail or messy bun any longer and before I knew it, I was Cystic – acne free all with no drugs, no prescriptions…just skincare that was made to work with each product creating real results. I was floored. Now, reality check here, I was never ever the girl with gorgeous porcelain skin, I was way too much of a sun goddess ☀️ — but wow oh wow have I ever improved my skin to literally have the best skin of my life, no messy foundation all in my mid – 30’s and here on out! I can’t even imagine what it would look like now if I didn’t try….or 20 years from now.

? So, as I am talking with my friends this weekend I realized I am so, so grateful for being open to trying something new and finding the patience to persevere that lead to not only a solution, but a beautiful restoration of confidence and a desire to help others. I have always held myself to the standard that if I don’t love something, I won’t do it, I won’t back it (hence the quitting reference up above) and I sure as hell won’t be connected to it, that is a promise I intend to keep in all things life. ❣️

Truly, if you are curious about what R + F can do for you, and that is as simple as just being great skin care, (you don’t need any major concerns) that improves the health and future condition of your skin without wasting money on stuff that just doesn’t work, we should chat. Please do reach out. I would love to listen and see how I can help. ?

If you want to help to reach others who need a solution, feel free to show some love and share, comment, love and tag on this post. ?? Together, we are better. ?

Discover your customized regimen for your skin by answering just a few questions – and be sure to include your email address so I can send you a thank – you mini facial! Solution Tool – Click Here

Keep on being AWESOME!!


~ Renee

The MOST Powerful Tool to Success that YOU OWN

Regardless of where I am, one part of my morning routine is setting aside a little bit of time to get my mind right. Seriously!  But, it wasn’t always that way….
I used to think my morning work – out was enough, but it turns out conditioning the mind is just as important as conditioning the body. For me, I choose to write it out. I have always found such power in writing out exactly what I want in terms of my goals, desires, new adventures, relationships, everything – right down to the final detail. If you read my post about Cravings, you know what I am talking about. As life happens, sometimes it is hard to stay to committed to just a few minutes a day, but it really is a game changer in the outcome of so many things, especially personal growth. Soooo….maybe writing isn’t your thing, that is OK, mindset work is not a one – size fits all type of thing. For some, simply speaking out loud is enough, reading, listening to a podcast or catching a video from a mentor or leader is enough to condition & strengthen your mind on a daily basis.  The power behind the action really sets the intention and tone for the day. The important thing to remember and that is the absolute necessity is to chose what you want to do and do. it. daily. ✨
If you have ever trained for an endurance event or even a 5K, tri, bi – Athlon, etc., you understand muscle memory and what if feels like to condition the body. One just can’t expect to roll out of bed and bust out 26.2 miles without preparing first. The prep work is what challenges the body to build a strong foundation and continues to grow stronger with every work – out, with every day you stay committed, with literally every action of the way. There is SO much to be said about the process. I tend to think of the mind with the same concept. It is a muscle that needs to be worked to keep expanding, to continue to think broader & deeper. It is absolutely normal to have negative thoughts daily, actually it is more common than to just have positive thoughts swarming in, at first. With time and conditioning, those thoughts, the thoughts we all have the choice to control become stronger and more empowering. We are adaptable as humans and can quickly learn how to recognize a negative thought and that’s it, move forward, let it go. If we choose to stay in it, to dwell in the negativity, it only spews over to other areas in our life and literally infects everything we do, say, and react to like a horrible virus.
One of my amazing mentors, Olivia Charlet has taught me so much about mindset and the absolute power we do have over those thoughts. She is a mindset Coach among many other things and is absolutely incredible. So what are a few things you can start to do today to shift your mindset and begin to condition it….

10 Ways to Condition Your Mindset, NOW

1. Make a choice from this point forward that for every dis-empowering thought you have (ie. I’m not good enough, I can never do that, I will never be that successful, I am so messy, bad things always happen to me) you promise to acknowledge the thought / feeling and release it. This is the catch though, when you release it, replace it with an empowering thought (ie,  I AM good enough and resourceful enough to do “X”, I have everything I need in ME to be successful, I choose from this point forward to believe positive, amazing things happen to me all of the time). It may feel strange or awkward at first, but stay committed, daily. It will eventually feel SO natural, SO empowering and be aware of the change in your life as the positive mindset unfolds.
2. Set a few alarms daily and put a title on them. Mine is labeled, Tap into the energy of trust. No pressure, no stress, just trust. This reminds me that at all moments, I am exactly where I need to be and need to trust the process instead of trying to control it. When the alarm goes off, stop, assess where you are in your day and if your mind is not strong, empowering & positive, shift your thinking. Doing this daily will help to condition your mind to stay on track. Pick a tone you like, not an annoying one. 😉
3. Write out daily affirmations on post – its, your screen saver, your calendar reminders about how freaking amazing you actually ARE.
4. Set a time to decompress at the end of the day. Again, whether your choice of tool is to journal, meditate, or just verbally let go of the challenges of the day, clear your mind, clear the slate and celebrate your small wins for the day. Then, sweet dreams.
5. Make a vision board. Virtual or / and tangible. Have fun with it. Put things on it that you have ALWAYS wanted to do, achieve, see, accomplish. Make it come to life by owning it and look at it daily. Let your creativity out, NO BOUNDARIES! Let go of the HOW!
6. Don’t quit. When you make the choice to condition your mindset, keep with it. Like anything at first, growth, training, change can be a little uncomfortable at first. But hang in there, without that phase we would never appreciate the change as much as do on the other side. Even if it is just for two minutes of mindset work, some days — stay with it. You will thank yourself.
7. Be proud of every single choice you make to deal with a situation in a positive light. Life can throw some major curve balls at us, daily. One of the best surprises I got from doing this work is actually how much easier it is to deal with things that challenge me, daily, on every level.
8. Take it minute by minute. Just because your day started off great in the morning, went completely haywire by lunch — reset. This is the time you really strengthen that muscle during the most crazy of times. Reign it in, reset, regain control of your thoughts and own it.
9. It really comes down to two choices. You can let your thoughts run wild, get away from you and just randomly happen and you can respond OR you can choose how you think about things in a more empowering way and react accordingly.
10. Life is short — choose happiness. Surround yourself by people who support you and who you love to support. We have one book of life and you get to write the chapters, daily.
While we cannot control everything, we can control and choose our thoughts that are a DIRECT result in our actions & reactions. Does this mean some mornings are crazy early, absolutely, but it is so worth it. ?
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You’ve got this!

What Happens When You Truly Listen to Your Cravings?

Can you think of a time you followed your cravings? Like really, full – on, with-out a doubt, even if it didn’t make sense at the time? How did it feel to take the leap and follow what you really wanted to do? Freeing, exhilarating, maybe even a bit crazy, but just. so right….

Chances are if you are here reading this post you may have come over from my LinkedIn page and are getting a few more details other than what’s on my profile page. Or, maybe you were clicking around and wound up here. Either way, welcome & I am happy you are here.

Cont’d from LinkediN….

Creative leader who believes in following your cravings, the path that leads to what you truly want to do, regardless of it makes sense or not at this exact moment.

My mentality has always been such that you spend so many hours a day working over a course of many years that it should be something you actually WANT to do, right?  I enjoy serving & helping people in a way that makes them feel happy and unstoppable.  Because, why NOT? I truly believe that you CAN have whatever it is that you set your mind & heart on, it’s the belief that is the true test.

A Snippet of My Story

After graduating college, I spent six months living & working in Australia. From there (like we all do) I grew from many challenges, rejections & failures and continue to do so daily. Upon returning to the States, working (3) jobs and doing the actual career search I kept tuning into that “inner whisper” that was telling me my dream career was out there.  The craziest part was that I remember turning down what would seem like the perfect opportunity for a new College grad, only ONE week into my search: great salary, benefits, full – time, around the house from my hometown. Seriously, a new grad’s dream offer. I was sitting in the parking lot of an Outlet Mall, getting ready to go in for my shift at an Amish Style Restaurant. My cell rang and I took the call, literally hanging onto every word, envisioning what my day, week and future might look like. It was the perfect fit, on paper, but my heart was screaming “NOOOO”  and before I knew it, the words were coming out of my mouth, and I politely declined the offer. The person on the line was stunned and I’m pretty sure that for a moment my heart stopped as I was processing what just happened, what I chose to do. You bet I had  an “Oh shit!” moment and then I let it go because I knew I was setting the tone for the rest of my important decision-making process that would happen over and over again in my life. Yes, in case you are wondering, that was an interesting decision to explain to my parents, but at the end of the day, it was my choice and I owned it.

Where to Now?

I honestly had no idea what the actual “title” was of what I was searching for, but I knew what I wanted, I could FEEL it.  I remember writing everything I wanted down on paper to the final detail and then finally, after what felt like was forever and a full-time job in itself (the J.O.B. search), I found the posting that fit every single one of my details. I couldn’t believe it. It turns out the Experiential Marketing world was where I wanted to be. I remember creating my CV & tailoring my resume just so, sending a digital and hard copy and closing my eyes, saying a little positive thought and kissing the envelope before I sent it away. Ohhh my word!!! I know, perhaps a bit much, but I was NOT holding back what so ever. The call came, they wanted to interview me, we went three rounds. Everything just felt right. Little did I know my phone was going to ring and the potential Company explained to me that as much as they LOVED me, they had to offer the position to someone in the office who needed field experience, but they would keep me in mind. Ok, not going to fib here, I was completely devastated but I completely understood and knew I would continue to persevere. The weekend came & went and Monday morning my phone rang again. It turns out the girl’s father worked for the competitor and that was too close of ties for the Client to be comfortable with…they offered me the position! Fast forward over 10 years now and I pinch myself because I have been traveling this beautiful Country managing, leading & creating interactive events that guests truly do get to walk away with an incredible experience and memories.  Trust me when I say this story is a lot more colorful when told in person, but hopefully, I have started to paint the picture.

Decision Time, Again

Having been fortunate enough to understand time freedom and what it truly feels like to follow your heart and love what you do, I made the decision to become a virtual business owner. As many times it does, the opportunity came unexpectedly, but I knew it was right for me. Personally, I consider myself among the  unique & bold others who have never worked a 9 – 5. It is a blessing, perhaps in disguise at first because I truly was able to understand what time freedom meant from a very young age. It’s like I have the choice to stay or go whenever I choose and work comes right along with me.

Life shouldn’t be taken for granted, we only know this exact moment in time. I have the privilege of coaching some of the most incredible people, who WANT to live life on their own terms, achieve success and keep dreaming bigger.

All of These Words for One Message…

Don’t give up one what you want to do, what you want to create, where you want to go. Keep going. Listen IN to those cravings, you have them for a reason, truly you do. It is amazing what happens when you trust yourself and follow your heart. Do it! This is YOUR life.  Do What YOU LOVE.

Connect with me via LinkedIn, FB, IG or email me at

Oh and in case you haven’t told yourself yet, today; you ARE destined for amazing things in THIS life.

~ Renee

Virtual Capes

If you could choose ONE, just ONE Super Hero to be for a day, who would it be and why? Try not to over think this, just jot down who pops into your head at first thought.

— For me, it was Wonder Woman, followed by Batman.  They’re both bad – ass, look out for the well-being of others are incredibly strong  and the one thing that really motivates & fuels me is that they  don’t ever give up and they SHOW UP because they know that people NEED them and they don’t want to let people down.

Not exactly Wonder Woman, but the absolute closest I ever came to flying!

Next up:

What is at least one superpower you have? And, don’t skip this one, you DO have a superpower, actually, most likely more than one. This is not the time to be humble. Maybe your superpower is that you are an incredible listener, super organized, hilarious or maybe you’re full of a beautiful energy. Whatever it is, it is YOURS’ no one elses’. Because, you see even if it is similar, they can’t do it just like you can.

–For me, I have a never-ending will of steel (some may call this stubborn) and I also happen to be extremely compassionate. Putting myself into the shoes of others comes very naturally to me.

Ok, now, make a quick visual & mental note – How are you sitting, standing, reading this blog post at this EXACT moment? What is your current body posture? Are you huddled over your computer, standing straight up or maybe sitting on a balance ball right now? How would you describe your body posture most of the day?

I promise this will make sense….

What if I told you that you could possibly change the outcome of a situation with a power pose?  Sounds too simple, right? That’s just it. As humans, we try to overcomplicate so many things when the basic, small shifts can lead to a much more desirable and positive outcome.  But wait, what exactly is a power pose? Think about the way your favorite super hero stands. Upright, chest sightly outward, arms on hips or even up in the air, opening up a little bit more. Those are all examples of a power pose.  Try it, stand up straight, take a deep breathe, close your eyes, exhale out and envision for about a minute exactly what you would like to happen.

This past fall, I had the honor of listening to a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy who shares the effect of a “power posing” and how simply changing your body language can truly impact the end result. She also got really vulnerable in her talk and shared how she pushed through re-gaining her once lost identity when she felt utterly and completely out of answers.  This is worth your time, I promise you! Watch Here

Make it a beautiful day and don’t forget your virtual cape on the way out of the door !