San Fran, the Golden Gate & of course, the BIG GAME!

Super Bowl 50 – what an experience!!! (and yes, in case you didn’t know, the Roman numerals were ditched for 2016 (Super Bowl L), but will make a return in 2017) Curious as to why? Read Here. I happened to be fortunate enough to be asked to manage an event in San Francisco at the Super Bowl – well, the NFL Experience to be exact. If you have never been, it is definitely a must attend for all football fans. I never did actually make it to the stadium, though, ha,….let me explain.


The actual Super Bowl activities are often times spread out across the entire city and the celebration starts many days before the actual event, eight days to be exact for Super Bowl 50. Call me crazy, but never have lived in a Super Bowl city or been a part of the Super Bowl previously, this was news to me. I was located at the NFL Experience where we had several big NFL Autograph signings including: Alex Smith, Ronnie Lott, DeAngelo Williams, DeMarco Murray, Derek Carr & Charles Haley to name just a few.Over 25 pro players were on -site with us for an hour at a time meeting as many guests as they possibly could, signing autographs and taking photos. We met a lot of super cool NFL players  and a few not so cool dudes, as to be expected. As for the Fans, well, what can I say, the NFL has some of the most loyal fans ever and they will line up for hours to meet their favorite player.


The best story that was shared with our team was from Steeler’s Player, DeAngelo Williams. He took time with each fan to smile, shake their hand, laugh AND share a short conversation all while seeing as many people as he possibly could and here’s why – DeAngleo shared that he remembers waiting in line for hours, as a kid  to meet his idol — his most favorite player in the whole world and when he finally got up to the player he was so excited to meet, the player didn’t  even look up. He signed his name and went onto the next person, without a second glance. Crushed. DeAngelo remembers exactly how he felt in that moment and to this day he makes it a point not to ever let anyone feel the way he did. Granted, every player is  trying to see as many fans as possible, but some do do it with a little more heart & soul. How awesome of a story is that?! Every single fan that left from DeAngelo’s signing was laughing, smiling or talking about just how awesome he was , in person. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are expected to see hundreds of people in such a short period of time and it is by far not easy and not everyone leaves happy, it is near impossible given the time restraints. But, DeAngelo is hands down an awesome guy and really sets the bar high while making it look effortless. And that, my friends is all from a Cleveland Browns fan! 😉

IMG_20160207_084708882            IMG_20160203_133120867_HDR               IMG_20160201_221948287

The energy, hours, crowd & guests were all super intense, in a good way. A  total experience for all football loving fans to be a part of — if ever given the chance, do it!  We did manage to squeeze in a few touristy things while we were out there too because after all, can’t have all work and no play, it is the Super Bowl!




XOXO, Renee

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