Gettin’ Some of the Morning Magic….

Our days are often so overly packed with commitments, schedules, appointments, errands — you name it. Not to mention all of the hats we wear as multi – tasking, super efficient, on top of her game super women, ha, ha!  No wonder we are often left feeling SPENT at the end of the day doing everything we can to enjoy a glass (or two — no judging, here!) of vino, possibly in peace…for a minute?!  Self – care…what the hell is that? Who has time for anything extra? A clone would be a wonderful thing at times, right? Or maybe even a friendly robot, like from the Jetsons??? Yeah, a cute one, please! 😉

Ok, ok, so what if you made a commitment to yourself to carve out a just a few minutes at the beginning & end of each day for you? A few minutes to start your day, set your intention, set your internal GPS and do something for yourself that kicked off your day that made you actually FEEL really f-ing great about yourself? In turn those few powerful minutes work to serve others in a much bigger, more present and loving way. Would you do it? Then, for a bonus you started ending the day in the same way, like sort of a decompression of sort.  A short mini routine to help you wind down mentally & physiologically, to relax and in turn you actually slept better and woke up more refreshed. Sounds. Like. Heaven.

Getting intentional about time, how it is spent and how it is used speaks volumes in how the quality of life feels, the types of choices made and the way we spend our ever precious minutes of the day.

Try it. You be the judge.

Maybe it’s having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and jotting down a few things that you WANT in your life and believe in.  Pick yourself up a really fun or pretty journal that you actually look forward to opening and writing in. It doesn’t have to be long, it can be as easy as: Positive change happens for me, quickly, Miracles happen daily, Opportunity is everywhere, I meet incredible, bold & kick ass people everyday, I truly believe I can have it all, etc…simple. Perhaps it’s listening to a positive podcast or YouTube Video from an inspirational mentor or reading a blog. There’s a lot of options here. For me, my morning routine is a non – negotiable. Traveling, in strange places, super early mornings (like 3:30 a.m. I am talking), wherever I am, my morning routine always consists of:

  • A vitamin cocktail of all of the yummy vitamins my body needs, daily – followed by a swig of aloe vera juice (great gut tamer)
  • A cup of hot peppermint tea, while journaling my intention for the day and what in my life I am creating and what I am open to receiving — and just as important, no longer tolerating
  • A form of exercise **
  • My 2 – 3 minute skincare routine, I mean, of course!**
  • A bit of eye & lip love, usually a messy ‘do and something comfortably cute  for clothes on my bod, depending on my mood **
  • ** all while listening to a mentor, training, podcast, etc…raising my vibe & growing myself

Some days, all before 7 a.m. Are all days easy to drag myself out of bed, nope. Does it take some really loud internal self talk, on some days, you bet. But, the pay off is so, so worth it.

I have found by implementing these easy pieces of my routine into the beginning of my day I am literally READY to tackle the day, negativity bounces off of me way easier and I seriously feel so much better about myself, enabling me to pour into others so much more and without a heavy burden of that feeling of pressure on my shoulders. It’s like I strengthen my virtual shield to repel bullshit and negativity while I maximize my super sexy woman cape to be capable of more than I ever thought I could. This shit works, seriously.

I only wish

I would have discovered the power of this years ago to relieve that heavy pressure. So thankful I have in my life, now!

Give yourself some time to adjust though, you have to stay consistent with this new routine to really experience all of it’s power.

You got this, stay with it, pump yourself up and for heaven’s sake, give yourself a few minutes of self love a day – you SO deserve it.

If you are curious about more ideas on how to incorporate some kind of magical morning into your routine, reach out, let’s connect – I’d love to get to know you a little bit and brainstorm!

Thanks for stopping by.