Naked Confidence

We’ve heard it, read it and from time to time many of us experience what true and utter confidence feels like.  Like you can literally DO anything, right? Totally unstoppable. Don’t give a second thought to what anyone else thinks (in the most loving way of course), in your zone and nothing is going to stop you, you won’t let it.  And then, poof, maybe one day something happens out of your control and throws you unsteady, wavering, on the edge just barely able to talk yourself into getting dressed in the morning not let alone put in any effort. Or, maybe you are on the roller coaster ride — you know, one morning you wake up owning the day and while this happens quite often, but still have a few days a week or a month you just don’t feel it.

So how exactly do you recover? How do you just snap back into that amazing feeling and place? How can it be here one day and feel like it is gone the next? Truthfully, it is ALWAYS there, it is up to you (me included) to recognize it, even on the most shittiest of days when anything and everything feels like it is being turned upside down. HANG IN THERE. Trust that you WILL bounce back and be freaking better than ever. How you react during those moments are telling and lay the groundwork for growth, expansion & personal evolvement (ha, is that a word?! SP is telling me no!), but you know what I am saying.

Naked Confidence.

No, I don’t mean standing naked in front of the mirror or streaking across your backyard (or RV Park / Hotel in my case) – strip away the expensive handbags, sunglasses, uber photo filters that erase every laugh line and slims the face just perfectly, forget the size “mini – me” pants size obsession, thigh gap goal and no root days, ever. I mean really, take the pressure off! I am talking about naked confidence, WHO and WHAT you feel at your your core. Inside, out without all of the flashy stuff. Truuust me when I say I like fun, new & sometimes expensive items, a sexy lipstick and a great hair day, but take it all away and what do you have? That’s my point. Once that is paid attention to, worked on (yes, exactly like a muscle) and developed more & more from the inside out — those days, those days you are like where the hell did my confidence go become fewer & fewer in-between as you rock that inner, naked confidence regardless.

I totally get it, it can be really hard to love yourself in a world that is filter crazy, photo shopped and told through carefully posed photos on social media. We are all guilty from time to time, but come back, always come back to YOU and work that inner confidence muscle that gets stronger if you spend some time with it.


You are doing just fine.

You are EXACTLY where you need to be at this moment.

You have so much to give, just being you.

You are worthy of every single thing that you receive and more.

You ARE truly doing amazing.

Think it.

Say it.

Believe it.

Let go of being so hard on yourself. Love the imperfections, the silly mishaps, the freaking roller coaster of life and laugh it off. That’s what makes you, you.


Celebrate YOU.

You have everything you NEED, right inside of YOU. Go ahead, give it a little attention and notice what happens. 😉


~ Renee



Realizations and a really, really remarkable”before” picture

Do you ever have those conversations with friends when all of a sudden, WHAM….something just crazy triggers in your mind and you are like, “Why didn’t I realize that before?!” Maybe it’s the fact that we are so present over other times and the thoughts are able to come pouring in, or perhaps it is just the right time. Recently, I was chatting with some friends and answering questions about what I do and WHY I was hit with so many realizations and I had to share one of them, right here.

In addition to being an Event Manager by trade and on the road about 10 months out of the year, I am also a Consultant with Rodan + Fields.

I was NOT looking for an opportunity by any means when I found Rodan + Fields, I was looking for a possible solution, that’s it.

I had just gotten off of the phone with my Momma who was wrapping up with her 36th radiation treatment and she was and IS doing amazing. She never, ever complained about a thing and was going to hop on a plane right after her last treatment to celebrate her granddaughter’s first birthday. She did mention to me that she could really tell where on her skin all of the treatment was focused and while she was trying many things, there was still a redness and sensitive area that was visible and just not improving at ALL with anything she tried. I hung up the phone and I thought to myself, surely after all this woman has gone through I can find something to help with this concern. So, I went to Google and started searching.  I then remembered seeing a B & A on my sister’s friends FB page. I reached out to her, asked what it was and for some info. Then, naturally, I proceeded to do my own research, because that’s what I do! ?

I wanted to find out who these Rodan + Fields people were… Well, yes, they certainly checked out and quite impressively I may add. I discovered they were the Drs. Who created Proactiv and so much more. At that point, I knew what I was sending my Mom was from a trusted and credible source, not some fake company with jenky cream. I sent it to her and asked that she use it while in AZ.

As many of us know, life is busy and gets even busier when visiting family, so we really didn’t get to catch up full on until about 2 weeks later.

She called me, was standing in the shower with a towel wrapped around her and said, “I cannot even tell where the treatment area was. All of the redness & irritation is gone.”  My heart swelled with happiness and my eyes with tears. All I wanted to do was take away one less thing for her to worry about after all she had been through – and it worked. ❣️ Then, I started thinking….what if I could connect people with these products to do the same thing for them?! I mean, why should anyone have to go through more than they need to when solutions exist, right? In all honesty I am a 99 potential solution girl, not 99 problems. ?

At that exact moment, for the first time in my life I was struggling with Cystic Acne. Utterly embarrassed, I kept thinking I had no idea where it came from and had no idea why, but clearly looking back now, I was in complete denial of what was happening in my life.

I was in the midst of figuring out what went wrong with LASIK eye surgery in not one, but BOTH eyes permanently damaging my corneas, my Momma was rocking through battling breast cancer, but I wanted to be there to help her as much as possible AND for the first time in my life I walked away from a project that was NOT what I thought it was going be and put me in a really bad spot, jeopardizing what I believed in. As a Freelancer, that also means consciously walking away from a paycheck, without another solid contract – but for me, choosing integrity was the right choice. Alllll while trying to remain calm as Crohn’s Disease thrives on stress!!!  Ha, and I was wondering WHY my face was a wreck!

Eyiyi….I had been dealing with this for a solid 8 months at this point.

So, I ordered the line for acne and let me be really clear here (no pun intended;-)), it was not overnight, but over time the Cystic acne became less, it felt less painful, started to clear up, the redness began to diminish and even a little glow in my complexion started to come out. Soon, I wasn’t subconscious about wearing a pony tail or messy bun any longer and before I knew it, I was Cystic – acne free all with no drugs, no prescriptions…just skincare that was made to work with each product creating real results. I was floored. Now, reality check here, I was never ever the girl with gorgeous porcelain skin, I was way too much of a sun goddess ☀️ — but wow oh wow have I ever improved my skin to literally have the best skin of my life, no messy foundation all in my mid – 30’s and here on out! I can’t even imagine what it would look like now if I didn’t try….or 20 years from now.

? So, as I am talking with my friends this weekend I realized I am so, so grateful for being open to trying something new and finding the patience to persevere that lead to not only a solution, but a beautiful restoration of confidence and a desire to help others. I have always held myself to the standard that if I don’t love something, I won’t do it, I won’t back it (hence the quitting reference up above) and I sure as hell won’t be connected to it, that is a promise I intend to keep in all things life. ❣️

Truly, if you are curious about what R + F can do for you, and that is as simple as just being great skin care, (you don’t need any major concerns) that improves the health and future condition of your skin without wasting money on stuff that just doesn’t work, we should chat. Please do reach out. I would love to listen and see how I can help. ?

If you want to help to reach others who need a solution, feel free to show some love and share, comment, love and tag on this post. ?? Together, we are better. ?

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Keep on being AWESOME!!


~ Renee