Cherry Blossom Party!

The 2016 Washington D.c. cherry blossoms

Add it to your must see list, for sure! Timing, it was all about the timing this year. Luck would put us in the Washington D.C area over Easter and low and behold it was the place to be! I was actually traveling separate than Eric for a few weeks and we met up in D.C. He planned the whole Easter day that truly was just right. Public transportation (because you shouldn’t just drive to the heart of D.C., especially during Cherry Blossom season), a picnic and more beautiful flowering trees than I could have ever imagined!

Cherry Blossom!

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. There is actually a whole art & science behind the cherry blossom bloom and well, Mother Nature plays a huge role as well and we all know, nobody tells her what to do! There is what’s called the “peak bloom” and this is when about 70% of the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and get this, it is only ONE day! Yikes! Now, there are plenty of blooms in the two days leading up to peak bloom and for a couple days after that.  For 2016, The National Park Service announced March 25th as peak bloom day, the pictures show us on March 26th. There is an actual National Cherry Blossom Festival that runs every year as well with a few food vendors, entertainment and other fun additions to the area.

IMG_20160327_162636273    IMG_20160327_164834996

IMG_20160327_163107668 IMG_20160327_164010387

Two of my biggest tips, 1. DON”T DRIVE. There are heaps of people all in one place at once. Parking in D.C., is already a challenge. There are plenty of public transportation options, take some stress off and put the family on the train! Anyone can help you navigate the system, just ask. 😉 2. Bring a good camera.  While MOST Of the blooms are actually white / pinkish, my camera doesn’t  show the awwww you feel from being there in person.

There is so much beautiful history behind the cherry blossoms, the United States & Japan. I won’t spill it all here. 🙂 I will share this  super resourceful link to help plan (the best one can!), prepare and get excited for your trip! Cherry Blossom Guide

Enjoy the adventure, my friends!

Much Love!


~ Renee



XOXO, Renee

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